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We Are Lemnos Labs

We are an early-stage Venture Capital firm, typically investing the first outside capital in your hardware startup. We've learned that there is no "standard" for hardware, so we have developed a flexible funding model based on team size & experience, stage (ideation, duct-tape prototype, traction) and technological risk. Our initial check size varies from $250K-1M and we reserve additional capital to help you de-risk your business through Series B.


A selection of the consumer, enterprise, and high-tech startups that Lemnos Labs has invested in.

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Are You Ready?

Lemnos Labs is looking for entrepreneurs who are ready to change the world. You might be ready to graduate from college, stuck in a large engineering firm, or tinkering on something in your garage, but the common thread is that you’re building a hardware prototype that can change people’s lives.