Lemnos Labs is looking for entrepreneurs who are ready to change the world. You might be ready to graduate from college, stuck in a large engineering firm, or tinkering on something in your garage, but the common thread is that you’re building a hardware prototype that can impact many people’s lives.

We accept startups into our program year round and our program doesn’t have a fixed time duration.  Startups work inside Lemnos on average for about a year, and the decision to “graduate” is based on the startup’s progress in terms of product readiness, having built a cohesive team, and having raised the capital for the next step in your voyage.

We invest up to $200k in our startups and prefer to be the first money invested in your company. Our typical investment is $100k for a 10% equity stake.

There is no archetype of whom we accept into our program, but we do look for:

  • Technically minded founders
  • Experience and expertise. The more you know about existing solutions, technology, and customers in your target market(s), the more likely you are to succeed. This knowledge can come from academia or real-world experience
  • A duct-tape prototype. It doesn’t have to work well and it doesn’t have to be pretty, but we need to touch and see the potential in what you are building
  • The ability to move to San Francisco and join us in the Lemnos Labs facility (which we lovingly call “The Forge”)
  • A founding team that is legally eligible to work in the United States.  We cannot provide visa assistance
  • Pure, unbridled passion for what you are doing


Applicants often ask if there are product categories we are more interested in and others that we are not. The answer is no. We are interested in small, talented teams working on problems that have a wide impact. Embedding intelligence in mundane but prevalent objects can have as much impact as the revolutionary idea that disrupts a market segment.

When you are ready to submit an application, please send the following information to help our evaluation process:

  • Description of your product and its enabling technologies
  • Information on target market segments and customers you want to delight
  • Preliminary thoughts on a go-to-market strategy to reach those customers
  • How do you make money? What is the essence of your business model?
  • Biographies of the founders, team, and advisors
  • A rough budget plan for the next six to twelve months
  • A rough technical development plan with key milestones for the next six to twelve months
  • Relevant links, videos, that help us better understand your product, team, and vision


When you are ready to make the big leap from a duct-tape prototype to shipping high quality products, please send the above information to newco@lemnoslabs.com. We will review your material within 72 hours and respond with next steps.

We’re excited to see your application. Come join in the next hardware revolution!