We are developing breakthrough consumer products, starting with Nima, enabling you to know what is in your food. We believe meal time should be about the enjoyment of your food and your company, and not the worry about the potential repercussions of eating something unknown.


Airware is building the aerial information platform for the rapid development and safe operation of commercial drones, providing hardware, software and cloud services. Airware enables enables customers to tailor drones to any commercial application by seamlessly connecting aircraft, sensors, payloads, and application-specific software.


AquaCloud helps municipalities and aquaculture farms protect the world’s most valuable asset – water. We extract actionable insights in real-time by analyzing water quality data. We help customers deliver safe water for drinking, replace clean water into reservoirs, and help farmers grow healthy food.


Blossom Coffee has developed a coffee brewing system that provides baristas unprecedented control over the flavor of coffee, allowing them to not only discover new flavor potentials, but also consistently brew the same delicious cup from any Blossom machine anywhere in the world.


Ceres Imaging provides farmers critical information to optimize water and nitrogen delivery for their crops. We use UAVs, aerial photography, and hyper-spectral analysis to help farmers optimize crop decisions like fertilizer application, irrigation schedules, and more without any upfront expense.


Compology builds WasteOS: the only dynamic routing system built exclusively for the waste industry. We use rugged sensors and software to monitor the volume of waste in front-load and roll-off containers to more efficiently route collection trucks.


Enview creates analytics to protect the world’s energy infrastructure. We extract novel and actionable insights by automating the fusion and analysis of multiple sources (multispectral aerial & satellite imagery, LiDAR, GIS, etc.) to detect and predict issues before they become threats affecting millions of families and businesses.


Acquired by Zipcar

Local Motion develops car-sharing technologies for fleets. We deliver an onboard module for fleet vehicles to make them shareable and smart. We enable users to access vehicles with their existing corporate badge, get real-time availability from their mobile phone, and guarantee future rides right from their calendar.


MatterFab is developing a metal 3D printer that provides the same quality output as today’s million dollar printers at an order of magnitude lower cost. Every industry can now take advantage of metal 3D printing and redefine what it means to be competitive in their market.


Momentum Machines is revolutionizing the quick service restaurant industry with an innovative solution that cooks, assembles and bags fresh and high quality hamburgers. Momentum Machines Automation reduces the cost of and improves the quality and variety associated with burgers.


Pantry is a fresh food kiosk that is controlled by a tablet and has item level RFID tracking. Our disruptive technology allows us to offer 24‐ hour access to healthy and delicious snacks, drinks and meals.


Revolve Robotics’s product, Kubi, enables consumer grade telepresence via remote controlled movement. Kubi is a desktop robotic stand for tablets that allows a remote user in a different location during a video call to have complete control of pan and tilt of the remote device and its on-board camera.


Spire is a space data company providing access to space through its nano-satellite infrastructure and data collection capabilities. Listening through the clouds, Spire delivers the global weather and maritime data impacting global shipping and associated businesses.


Sproutling makes parenting a little less scary and a lot more fun. We grow parent IQ through tools that seamlessly fit their lives, and provide real-time, trustworthy insights about their children.


Swift Navigation provides centimeter-accurate positioning for agriculture, drones, and construction, anywhere on Earth. Our products are 100 times more accurate than your smartphone GPS at a tenth of the price of existing products. We enable a world where fields farm themselves and drones fly safely.


Each day, 3+ billion people enjoy a cup of tea. From Estate to Cup, Teforia delivers the tea ritual for the modern age. We’re your source for exclusive, artisan teas from growers. Great tea leaves are nothing without careful brewing, so we’ve honed the process with our beautiful tea infuser to deliver perfection in a cup.


VIRES Aeronautics is uniquely positioned to transform the aeronautics industry with its revolutionary wing design. They retrofit the wings of legacy aircrafts, enabling faster takeoff and landing, increased payload capacity, improved maneuverability, extended range, and reduced fuel consumption.